Welcome Colleagues and Friends of Educators! We are a group of passionate, but frustrated teachers that are providing a communication, advocacy, and support platform, with the goal of helping to overcome the barriers to children receiving a quality education. Historically, teachers were held in high esteem by most. Unfortunately, present-day teachers’ struggles more closely resemble the oppressive, threatening, substandard experiences of “slaves”. Our question is, “What can be done to help remind teachers to value themselves and each other; to create more positive interpersonal relations between school staff; to empower teachers and school staff to take a stand (for children) when needed; and to make children’s well-being and education our main focus.” There must be another way…


2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Free Spirit

    I found your blog very interesting…especially with the “cheating scandal” current going on in the Atlanta news. Teachers feeling pressure to cheat to receive bonuses for the Superintendant, districts, schools and the teachers in place of raises. It seems that teaching has now become a job and no longer a career. When the people that once joined this elite group use to care more about shaping the minds of our future leaders, instead their more concerned with keeping a job to provide for their own families!

  2. Pam

    It’s about time! Teachers vent! Teachers unite!
    Honestly, Folks….No one in their right mind would study for 4 long years to become a teacher unless they have an innate love of children/young folks. However, it seems those in charge view us as if we would rather do anything other than teach. The truth is, we would be happy to teach (and teach well), if “they” would just allow us to do what we have been trained to do. What other professional is subjected to such micromanaging, apathy, and disrespect?


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