Keeping my chin up…or at least trying!

It’s that stressful time of year when it seems (at least for me) that school staff is in self-preservation mode. Testing is mostly over and the only remaining mission is to claim full credit for successes and point fingers at others for “failures”. Lately, I have felt that finger pointing at me so much, that I, too, have succumbed to this self-destructive tactic. Why does it even matter when summer break is close enough to touch? Mostly because I am passionate about what I do and the lives I have touched over the past year. So it hurts because I’m being blamed for all the less-than-flattering aspects of my school community and waiting patiently for a single attagirl. My attagirl will have to come from within myself, as it should anyway. But in the meantime, why am I feeling like I am getting full credit for all that is wrong in my building? Am I THAT good??? 


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